Tasty curry every working day

Always authentic curry from all around the world. Either Thai with coconut milk, Indian with veggies, African with nuts, or South-American with potatoes. Make a travel around the world during your lunch break.

We use fresh ingredients to create our own curry pastes and bring you the unique lunch experience every working day.

Our vegetables and fruits are daily fresh. We don’t use artificial flavouring and all the dishes are gluten-free (yes we also have gluten-free soy sauce, though we barely use it).

We’re proud to offer top quality, free-range, corn-fed chicken meat from Becsehely farm in Hungary every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our local beef from Kuchňa eco farm is weekly fresh. You can get it on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The meat gets to you table in unprecedental freshness, you’ll never be able to get in any supermarket. It comes straight from the farmers to your table.