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Svadby a Kari čerstvé suroviny
Fresh ingredients first

Fresh local or exotic fruits and vegetables are always there, in your bowl of curry.

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30% off after 14:00

Missing your lunch, could also be great! Get our food with a 30% off every working day after 14:00 on Patronka and after 14:30 on

Tasty curry every working day

Always authentic curry from all around the world. Either Thai with coconut milk, Indian with veggies, African with nuts, or South-American with potatoes. Make a

Svadby a Kari čerstvé koláče
Home made cakes in Svadby a Kari

Taste the fair cakes as from the grandma’s kitchen, everyday in Svadby a Kari. Traditional recipes and classic ingredients make these cakes the top of

Corn-fed chicken from Hungary

We’re proud to offer top quality, free-range, corn-fed chicken meat from Becsehely farm in Hungary every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is how the chicken

Local beef from eco farm Kuchyňa

Top quality beef leg from a local producer just 30 km from Bratislava. Every week fresh, straight from the farmer into your bowl of curry!


Ponuka práce v Svadby a Kari

Hľadá sa kuchár, čašník, jeho žena a jej milenec!

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